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Our journey began in 2002. The whole vision at the onset was very far from clear. But we were certain of a few things: we were of the same fibers that brimmed within this community and our souls yearned to offer its people more compassion, quality and access to healthcare than they had. 

With that, it became a matter of following our hearts, and bringing the latest technologies, and the best team using a patient-centered approach and evidence-based medicine. The picture quickly converted into a very focused one.

Our mission and mandate had grown from within. To inspire our communities to achieve great health, we were to deliver easy and relevant health education, improve access to quality, compassionate, and culturally competent healthcare, and positively influence anyone who encountered us.

In the span of a few short years, we attained organic growth which was ever evolving. We also noticed all around us, an explosion of medical centers and clinics promising to deliver better technologies and services. Then, the global pandemic hit and truly forced us to adapt and clarify even further our role within this community. We were nudged to expand our presence and character by going beyond to tackle head on, the long neglected social determinants of health.

Today I & B Medical Associates is a healthcare leader, and we are very well poised to enact our full vision to obtain and maintain the health of the people in this community. Let us tell you how glad and grateful we are that you have chosen us as your healthcare provider because when it comes to health and wellness, we do it best.

Claude A. Innocent, M.D.

Alande Brezault, M.D. , F.A.C.P

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