What Is Telemedicine and How Does It Work?

Sep 07, 2022
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Telemedicine makes it easy for patients to get personalized medical care wherever it’s convenient for them. Here’s how to tell if our telehealth services are right for you.

Telehealth has been around for some time, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that telemedicine really took off. While the pandemic appears to be abating, the popularity of telemedicine has remained. 

Still, some patients have never used telemedicine — and may not know what it entails.

In this post, the medical team at I & B Medical Associates in Miami, Florida, offers a quick primer on telemedicine, including how appointments work and what services we provide, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Telemedicine basics

Telemedicine is medical care and guidance that’s provided over a secure internet connection, which means you can have your visit just about anywhere — as long as you have internet access, a laptop or smartphone, and a quiet, private area for your visit. 

Many people have their telehealth visits at home, but you could have your appointment at work or even on vacation.

Convenience is a big benefit of telemedicine, but it’s not the only perk. Telehealth is ideal for sick visits, especially when you’d rather rest at home than travel out for an appointment. You don’t have to find child care, battle traffic, or look for parking, either. 

As with office visits, telehealth visits are scheduled ahead of time, and when your appointment time rolls around, you’re automatically contacted. That means no sitting around in a waiting room and no exposure to other patients who might be sick.

And, of course, receiving care where you’re most comfortable keeps you relaxed during your visit, so you can focus on your concerns without feeling nervous.

Telemedicine services

Our team offers an array of medical and health services via telemedicine. If you’re sick, we can perform many of the assessments we need to diagnose your illness and even prescribe medication. 

In addition to discussing your symptoms, we may ask you to use your device’s camera — for instance, to say “aah” if you have a sore throat or provide images of a rash or other skin issue.

For patients with chronic diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, telemedicine is a great way to have frequent assessments that are so important for keeping your care plan on track. 

We can also assess the effectiveness of treatments for acute medical problems, altering your prescriptions or ordering lab work or imaging as needed.

Many patients who’ve had lab tests or diagnostic imaging find telemedicine is a convenient way to discuss the results without coming into the office. And, of course, telehealth visits are ideal for anyone who needs medical guidance or has questions about their health.

Care when and where it’s convenient for you

Telemedicine is one more way we strive to provide our patients with top-quality, individualized care focused on their unique health needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about telemedicine or schedule a telemedicine visit, call 786-321-2399 or book an appointment online at I & B Medical Associates today.